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When you’re hosting an event, you want to take every measure to ensure your guests feel welcomed, appreciated, and well taken care of. Every detail matters, yet depending on your venue, there may be one very important detail that gets overlooked – restroom facilities.

If your venue is outdoors, or in a structure that doesn’t supply on-site facilities, you’ll need to plan for how to accommodate the needs of your guests. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, birthday celebration, corporate event, or just a party with great friends, you can provide added comfort and security to your guests with our luxury restrooms.


The 3 Station Unit

Bella Our 3 Station has Shades of Green Interior with textured walls and matching Decor.


2 Station unit

Daisy Our 2 Station has Shades of Tan Interior with textured walls and matching Decor.


2 Station unit

Flor Our 2 Station has Shades of Grey Interiors with textured walls and matching Decor.


2 Station Unit, All White, No Branding or Flowered Wrap

Blanca Our 2 Station has Shades of Green with textured walls and matching Decor and a Clean White Exterior with no floral wrap.

Luxury Toilet Rentals

Typically, portable toilets are a necessity, but one that nobody likes to use. They’re dark, dingy, and leave you with a feeling of incomplete privacy. Often guests at these venues will do whatever they can to wait until they’re somewhere with a more suitable option – which means they leave your event early.

Luxury toilet rentals offer a solution. Rather than the crowded, uncomfortable stalls you’re used to, our posh portable toilets feature amenities that provide comfort and security to your guests. Our luxury toilet rentals are spacious, well lit, provide a comfortable atmosphere, and above all, are safe and clean.

We’ve taken every detail in consideration with our portable models. When designing our portable toilets, we made them beautiful by including gorgeous crown molding, wood grain flooring, Corian countertops, and stainless-steel sinks. We also considered the comfort of your guests by designing our portable units with LED lighting, ample hot water, and foot pedal flush toilets to reduce the spread of germs.

One of a Kind Personalized Service

We don’t just offer the most comfortable and luxurious solutions for your portable toilet needs. We also offer top tier personalized services to provide your guests with additional luxury and comfort. When you request our personalized services, we’ll not only stay on-site to ensure your facility is kept clean and tidy at all times, but our attentive restroom assistance will ensure all your guest’s needs are met.

Upon request, we’re happy to customize our personalized service for you. Little details like amenity baskets, string lighting, fragrant fresh flowers, LED candles, and red carpeting all come together to provide an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence. It’s the little details like these that let your guests know without question how important they are to you.

Learn More About Luxury Toilet Rentals for Your Event

If you’re planning an event, we want to help make sure your guests are comfortable and pampered during their stay. We offer several packages and styles of posh portable toilets and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these options with you. Price varies depending on your needs, so please reach out to Posh Privy to learn more about luxury portable toilet rental cost and how our services can elevate your next event. We’re waiting to answer you questions and provide you with the highest level of service.

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