Posh Privy Covid-19 Information and Guidance

November 29, 2020 by

Posh Privy

While Posh Privy units have provided services for large events with several hundred guests our niche and market has always been the smaller events with guests from 30 – 300 guests.

Hence our units are designed and better suited for the smaller events that are now popular due to COVID-19 restrictions, host desires to keep their family safe and negate the need of guests utilizing the bathrooms in your home.

All out units are single entry, meaning only one person at a time can enter, the porcelain commodes are hands free pedal flush and the faucet are metered to 20+ seconds to promote effective handwashing.

The units are disinfected after each event with CDC approved Lysol liquid and finish with Lysol spray.

In response to client requests our services now include hand wash stations. Hand wash stations are portable and great for helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. These portable sinks are small enough to be easily placed in accessible locations with handsfree water dispensing foot pump.

Even if restrooms are available:

  • In your home keep guest traffic out of your home throughout the event by providing a unit outside for your guests.
  • In sites built specifically for an event, increasing restroom numbers and hand washing areas should be considered to accommodate social distancing and sanitation
  • In existing venues, with fixed restroom locations, adding portable restrooms and hand wash stations should be considered to accommodate patrons safely.

Posh Privy Wishes you and your loved ones a Safe & Happy Holiday season and let’s pray 2021 brings us all success, happiness and an end to COVID-19.

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