A Quick Guide to Planning an Outdoor Festival

February 13, 2020 by

Posh Privy

One of the greatest things about living in San Diego is that there are a seemingly endless number of fantastic outdoor festivals, but in order for all those festivals to exist, somebody needs to plan them. For those hard-working people, the task of undertaking such a high level of planning can seem overwhelming since there are so many small details involved in making that kind of event happen. Thankfully, there are a few steps that organizers can take to ensure that their event goes as smoothly as possible, from choosing a site to arranging for portable restrooms.

#1 Organize a Team

Planning a big outdoor event is no easy task, so you’re going to need to assemble a team of people to help you make sure everything gets done on deadline and no small details are missed. Members of the team will need to put together a schedule, name an on-site venue manager, appoint a head of publicity, and arrange people to take care of talent, musicians, food, event staff, and volunteers.

#2 Choose a Site

The first major step in planning a festival is picking a location for the event. There are many things to consider when doing this, including price, geographical location, local population, and site services. It’s also important to consider how a location may impact transportation for vendors and entertainment.

#3 Obtain Licenses

Once you’ve got a venue, date, and type of event, you’ll need to obtain any licenses required to make sure your event goes smoothly, including entertainment and alcohol licenses.

#4 Book Entertainment

While not a necessity, many outdoor festivals book entertainment, which usually is a musician. Talent agencies often will work with festival employees to book an act, but make sure you’re booking entertainment that helps draw a crowd. Consider local interests and current trends in the industry to hire the best possible musicians for your event.

#5 Rent Restrooms

While many events settle for port-o-lets for their outdoor festivals, Posh Privy actually offers high-end portable restrooms that come furnished, including lavish décor, fresh flowers, running water, and electricity. Every festival needs restrooms, one way or another, and we would love it if you’d use Posh Privy to give your guests a more comfortable experience, at least when it comes to using our luxury toilet rentals.

#6 Organize Food & Beverage

People are going to want to eat and drink while they’re at your event, so make sure you’ve got enough vendors to accommodate everyone in attendance. Consider local restaurants or microbreweries as a starting place, but the possibilities are limitless in terms of what you may provide your attendees.

#7 Promote

Once everything is booked, you’ll need to start promoting the event. Publicity is key to the success of an outdoor festival, so make sure your team crafts a multi-pronged approach to marketing. There should be a web presence, with a well-designed website and active social media, but you also can send out mailers or mass emails and hang posters and fliers. Posting the event to local calendars can help promote it, too. Whatever you do, make sure people know about the event. They can’t attend if they don’t know it’s happening!

If you can follow these steps, you’ll have a fantastic festival for your patrons to enjoy. Remember, when it comes to booking portable restroom trailers for rent in San Diego, Posh Privy is happy to help you get at least that part of your event nailed down early in the planning process.

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